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Bella Sante’s Holiday Gift Guide for Skincare Products

In the spirit of giving during this festive season, finding that perfect gift can be a bit of a challenge.

You want something considerate, practical, and unique. What could be better than skincare? From everyday essentials to indulgent treats, your loved ones should revel in the incredible benefits of medical-grade skincare.

Let’s make your gift-giving simple and joyous.

At Bella Sante, situated in Saskatoon, here’s our curated list of holiday skincare gift ideas for those you cherish, from your sweet Grandma to your cousin who recently landed their first job.

Because, ultimately, the gift of radiant skin knows no age or stage in life.

TEENAGERS (> 15 years)

Hexam Cleanser by Vivier

Formulated with Hexamidine, an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent that purifies pores, this product cleanses without drying the skin. Its emollient properties leave the skin soft and supple.

Ideal for | All skin types, including sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Lexxel by Vivier

This gentle moisturizer protects against chapping, cracking, and roughness and relieves itching due to dry skin. It leaves the skin soothed, calm and hydrated.

Ideal for | All skin types.

YOUNG ADULTS (21 – 35 years)

Retinol (0.3%, 0.5%, 1%) by Vivier

Since this age range is a great time to get started on retinol, this powerful yet gentle product is designed for beginners and those with mild skin concerns. It’s specially formulated with additional powerhouse ingredients, Vitamins C and E to maximize your results, plus Squalane to boost hydration.

It also visibly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and texture, and reduces imperfections without the irritation and redness often associated with retinol products.

Ideal for | All skin types.

EARLY SIGNS OF AGING (35 – 50 years)

CE Peptides by Vivier

The holy grail of antioxidants, this multi-purpose serum is designed to target and reduce signs of aging. This best-selling serum contains 10% Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and a combination of 3 proprietary peptides to protect, correct, brighten, and nourish the skin. Fine lines are smoothed, and the skin is soft, glowing, and hydrated.

Ideal for | Normal to dry skin.

SIGNS OF AGING (> 50 years)

Grenzcine Serum by Vivier

Now is the time to strengthen.

Formulated with a proprietary combination of Polyamine Growth Factors and 10% Vitamin C, this multi-functional growth factor serum thickens, firms, repairs, and moisturizes the skin. Wrinkles look diminished, and the skin is visibly fuller and more radiant looking.

Ideal for | All skin types.


“Vivier Vitamin C Scrub and Age Defying Body Lotion are a perfect winter duo.” — Bella Sante

For those new to skincare and those who are skincare experts, these gift picks are for everyone, embracing the spirit of self-care this festive season. Improve your loved ones' skincare routine with proven products that work as well as professional treatments.

Now, with a carefully selected list that covers all ages, it's time to make your ideas happen. Bring joy to your loved ones with the gift of glowing skin.

Wishing you happy gifting and happy holidays!

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