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The Summer Is Gone… But Did It Leave Behind Sun Damage On Your Face?

Dark spots and skin discolouration are typical signs of sun damage after the warm, sunny days of summer. But there is a solution:

Lytera® Skin Brightening Complex

Lytera® is an award-winning, novel, non-prescription, non-hydroquinone skin brightening product that minimizes the appearance of skin discolouration and dark spots. It is appropriate for all skin types.

Lytera features a proprietary blend of ingredients that work together to help brighten and even skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots. Improvements are seen as soon as 4 weeks, with significant reduction after 12 weeks, and continuous reduction over 6 months.

Lytera can be used to brighten overall complexion as it is designed to improve clarity, evenness and overall appearance of the skin, and can be used on the entire face.

Key benefits include: • Improved evenness of skin tone • Improved overall appearance of the skin • Increased radiance and clarity of the skin • Lessened appearance of darker patches and discolourations

Lytera is applied to face, and if desired, to neck and chest or other affected areas. Apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning, and prior to applying moisturizer and sunscreen. Allow Lytera to absorb into the skin (approximately 3-5 minutes) before applying sunscreen. Use an SPF of at least 20.

Patients may experience a temporary warm, tingling sensation that may occur immediately after application. They may also see a mild redness and dryness when first using the product. Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or planning to become pregnant.

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